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        Surya mas daily chemical has more than 8,000 square meters production base, the use of imported production equipment, to protect product quality.
        The company has independent research and development capabilities, a total area of independent laboratories amounted to 400 square meters, a research and development room, the analysis room, chromatography room, the lycra room, heating room, biological test simulation room, volatile room, sample room.
        Professional R & D team of senior engineer , with gas chromatography, constant temperature and humidity box, explosion-proof oven, UV spectrophotometer, electro-optical analysis Libra, digital ventilation meter, automatic balance centrifuge, pressure steam sterilizer, purifying Taiwan R & D equipment. Now has 17 patents, of which 4 patents for inventions. The core technology lies in the innovation of process technology, the improvement of production process and the application of advanced equipment.
        As a high-tech enterprise in Tianjin and at the national level, Surya mas daily Chemical(Tianjin)Co., Ltd. participates in the drafting and revision of the industry standard of Chinese Hot pack , Air purification and Mothproof anti-mildew products with rich technical experience and excellent product quality. At present, the company has all the core technology for independent research and development.