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Dehumidification drying 


Q:Does the white paper outside the Sakura humidifier need to be torn?

A: The white paper on the hygroscopic case is the hygroscopic membrane, located at the bottom of the sealing aluminum film. Moisture in the air can be entered and locked from the hygroscopic membrane, so as to effectively lock the air moisture, please do not tear the white hygroscopic membrane.


Q:Can reuse the water stored in primrose moisture absorber?

A:The water in the absorber is an alkaline liquid formed by the combination of calcium chloride and water, which is not drinkable and cannot be used for other purposes.


Q:What are the white particles in the humidifier?

A:The humidifier uses calcium chloride particles.


Q:What is the difference between the gel fluid and the ordinary collecting water bag formed by the 50ml*4 suction bag?

A:50ml*4 moisture absorption bag to form gel paste, not liquid, effectively prevent leakage.


Mildew &Moth Proof


Q:Do I need to tear the paper bag in the moth-mildew tablet bag?

A:This is the special using of breathable paper,that can control the volatilizing rate of content to reach the international standard of 0.14g/m3 for every 10 minutes, so as to ensure that anti-mildew and moth-proofing tablets continue to be effective.


Q:How do I decide how many doses of sakura to prevent mildew proofing?

A:Use 40g per cubic meter, usually two or three bags in one wardrobe.


Q: How to prevent mildew in daily household?

A: Mold likes to breed and grow in a warm, moist, dark environment. Therefore, the first step to prevent mildew in daily life is to keep the surrounding environment dry, so that the mold lacks the moisture necessary to grow and reproduce. If the household is unable to be dry and ventilated because of objective reason, can choose the right amount to use moisture absorption product to absorb wet, prevent damp, protect furniture, precious electric appliance, clothing and so on not get mildew and not to decay.


Q:Is the smell of sakura's mildew proofing tablets poisonous?

A:Sakura's mildew proofing tablets are strictly in accordance with national standards. Please feel free to use them. 


Q: The clothes that are stored have a taste of camphor, how to solve this problem?

A: Choose the Sakura to add incense to prevent and mold the mildew series product is ok! This series has tablet, net bag 2 kinds of specification. Lemon and lavender are available in two flavors. Let the clothes be clean as new and fresh.


Q: How to achieve better mothproof and anti-mildew effect?

A: First of all should avoid the frequent switch of closet, drawer, lest absorb wet sex stronger cotton, hemp, silk, wool and so on fabrics mildew. Clothes such as cotton sweater and trousers should not be stored in plastic bags. Second, you can use moth-proofing and anti-mildew tablets and mesh bags to store together, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of black skin, fungus, and penicillium, and protect clothes to be clean and clean.


Hygroscopic and moisture


Q:What are the harm of air humidity?


1.The air is too wet, the clothes in the wardrobe, the leather shoes in the long time are easily mildewed, and the mildew smell. Not only does clothing damage the service life, but also directly wear is harmful to human’s health.

2. The air is too wet, the quilt and mattress are easily damp, and feel sticky when sleeping, which seriously affects the quality of sleep and causes insomnia.

3. People are prone to many diseases in a humid environment, such as rheumatism, heat and humidity, etc. Wet environment also can aggravate the symptom of the disease easily, if the temperature is changeable, add the humidity in the air is big, easily make rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis disease aggravate or aggravate.

4.The moist environment, the bacteria clumps, the food is easily to be contaminated and moldy. Not only cause the economic loss, but also the possibility of accidentally eating this musty food, resulting in food poisoning, diarrhea and other symptoms. 
5. Materials such as printed matter, medicine, piano and camera are easily deformed and deformed, affecting functions such as yellowing of photos and damp deformation of files.
6. The damp air conducts electricity, which can cause a short circuit of all kinds of household appliances.
Q:What items specifically need moisture removal?
A:The piano, home appliance, acoustics, camera, book, calligraphy and painting, computer, furniture and so on should not be damp. The use of primrose moisture absorption products can protect the storage of these valuables.
Q:Leakproof way of Sakura moisture absorber
A:Sakura's hygroscopic collection is designed with a leakproof package. When used correctly, a large amount of moisture is removed from the air without worrying about the leakage of liquid.
Q:The working principle of the Sakura moisture absorber.
A: Calcium chloride has the effect of adsorption activity static dehumidification and odor removal. Not only fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, but also non-toxic, tasteless, no environmental pollution, especially to the human body without harm. It absorbs moisture from the air and then dissolves in water. In other words, these white solids absorb moisture from the air and turn it into an aqueous solution. So after a while, you'll see that the white solid is gone, and the bottom half of the box is running out of water, and it's not pure water, it's a calcium chloride solution.
Q: What are the advantages of Sakura moisture adsorption series products?
A:Calcium chloride of the Sakura moisture absorption product raw material is white, particle uniform full and with strong water absorption. Full range of products, suitable for all kinds of small, wide occasions to absorb moisture. And use it with the moth-proof series products, can provide comprehensive anti-mothproof and anti-mildew effect, more effective to protect clothing, make household dry and refresh,not being mold.
Q: How long does it take to use the Sakura moisture absorber?
A:Sakura's moisture absorption capacity, compared to the general moisture absorber can absorb more water. However, depending on the size of the site, air circulation and humidity, there will be differences in the use of time.
Q:If the bag of moisture absorber happendly leak,how to do with the clothes?
A:Please wipe it with baking soda.
Q: What is the colored ball in the moisture absorber?
A:Sakura aromatic particles.
Q:How to use Sakura moisture absorber?
A:Open the aluminum film, please do not tear off the white lock water paper, placed in the place to absorb moisture.
Q:What is the crystallization in the moisture absorber?
A:That is the calcium chloride liquid congealed, is a normal phenomenon.
Hot pack series
Q:Can the heat pack be placed directly on the skin?
A:Please stick to your clothes to prevent scald.
Q:How long can hot pack last heat?
A:If the hot pack is in the warranty period, it can last the time which is marked time above. In addition to long heating time, Sakura hot pack use hot raw materials with good quality, so the hot temperature is also very stable.
Q: The right way to use hot pack 
A: Before using it, please tear sealed packaging, get the pad, after stripping protection do not tear or knead non-woven bag,otherwise may cause paper bag break, and content leakage effects to using!
Q: How to prevent low temperature scald?  
A:Cryogenic burns means that after skin and the heating element which is higher than the body get contact for long period time,causing such as erythema, blisters.If before using product remember to read the instructions,and use properly, can prevent scald,and let sakura hot pack bring you warm in winter. 
Q: The little secret of beauty and not frost.
A: Beautiful MM all want to be able to have the grace and warm concurrently, "beautiful and not frozen person". You should use the sakura hot pack. A light, thin slice lasts for 12 hours and keeps your winter warm and alive!
Q: If hot pack sticks to clothes or skin,does it causes damage to clothes or skin? 
A: The composition of the hot pack is soluble in water, no damage to clothing, no harm to the skin, can be assured to use.
Air freshener
Q:How many refrigerator deodorizer need for one refrigerator?
A:Refrigerator deodorant may absorb impurities of the same quality as it, and it is generally used 5-6 depending on the refrigerator space.
Q:How to make the room fragrant and fresh?
A: The fragrance helps people relax and concentrate, which makes people feel happy and relaxed. Housewife can place some air freshener in the home appropriately, adjust bedroom air. We recommend to you Bagus air freshener, it has lemon, jasmine, lavender 3 kinds of scent, can continue to send fresh fragrance, can let your bedroom keep fragrant. 
Q: How to get rid of refrigerator odor?
A: Of course,firstly always need to keep the fridge clean. Don’t let the stored food be exposed directly in the air, use plastic wrap to seal it, fresh food also according to the variety put into the food bag, to avoid the odor. In addition, you can also choose the activated carbon refrigerator deodorant to remove odors and harmful gases to achieve the purpose of deodorizing bacteria and cleaning air. This can also improve the freshness of the refrigerator.
Mosquito repellent liquid
Q:Can baby use repellent liquid?
A:The main mosquito repellent is deet, which is suggested by the American academy of pediatrics that for kids more than 2 months are allowed to use. However, there is no safety monitoring standard for the using of mosquito repellent products in pregnant women and infants. As a result, some products that claim to be safe and effective for pregnant women are not trustworthy. As a serious and responsible enterprise, we do not recommend pregnant women, infants and susceptible people to use repellent moiquito.
Q: Can I bring the mosquito repellent on the plane?
A: The liquid below 100ml can be brought on the plane, so it is suitable to travel with Sakura moiquito liquid 40ml and 100ml.
Q: What outdoor activities are suitable for mosquito repellent?
A: Mosquito repellent can directly affect the mosquito's tactile organs and chemical receptors to repel mosquitoes. Usually mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide produced when they breathe a hundred meters away, and apply mosquito repellent on the skin. The drug will evaporate with the body temperature and form a protective film, preventing the mosquitoes from approaching. So summer outdoor activities need to use repellent, such as travel, picnic, fishing, mountaineering, rock climbing, camping, boating, walking, golf, etc.
Q:Why choose Sakura repellent moisquito liquid?
A: Sakura mosquito repellent liquid was made by hundreds kinds of prescription screening and absorbed foreign technology successfully then developed a new type of synergistic drive midge, deet content than domestic drive midge products, drive midge effect is dominant. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the products through the pesticide supervision department, quality supervision department inspection.
Sakura repellent moisquito liquid, 40ml individual and 100ml family package, both have small appearance and easily to carry. It is suitable for outdoor activities, and its ultra-fine spray head equipment makes the spray delicate, spread evenly and feel comfortable.
Q:Why use moisquito repellent liquid?
A: Mosquito bites can spread west Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and encephalitis, and a small tick can cause lyme disease. So the U.S. centers for disease control (CDC) strongly recommends to use insect repellent to prevent west Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases.
Q:What is the DEET?
A: DEET is N,N- diethylamide, and DEET can effectively prevent mosquitoes, ticks, mites, fleas and flies. The concentration range of deet is from 5% to 100%, but it does not prove that the concentration is greater than 30%. Since 1957, it has been spreaded in American market,and also the world health organization (WHO) has recommended to use the deet-repellent products to protect against vector insects.
Q:Is repellent mosquito with DEET safe?
A: The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) recommend to use the mosquito repellents with proven clinical trials and active ingredients registered with the U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA). These DEET and carradine repellents can be used for skin and clothing.
Q: Are there any precautions to use DEET repellent?
A: DEET can easily hurt plastic, artificial fibers, feathers or lacquer paintings. It is best to avoid contacting with eye frame, watch or furniture.
Q: Why is the repellent mosquito use 10% deet-level formula ?
A: The study found that applying mosquito repellent could prevent 99.9 percent of mosquito bites in eight hours. And the toxicity is low, without using high concentration to repel mosquitos.
Generally speaking, when doing outdoor activities adult can select a concentration of 10 ~ 30% DEET. However, the higher the concentration of the anti-mosquito,the longer liquid stays on the skin,and more likely cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the formula of 10% DEET is used to satisfy the needs of most people in outdoor activities (non-long-term field and mosquito infestation).
Q: What are the problems when choosing mosquito repellent containing deet?
A: The deet products are classified as pesticide products and are directly managed by the ministry of agriculture. The consumer selects this kind of product, firstly depends on whether it has the pesticide registration certificate issued by the ministry of agriculture. If the certificate number is complete through the national management department inspection that means they are qualified products. Then choose well-known enterprise with strictly managed products. That can give oneself and family safe and healthy safeguard.
Q: What are the problems when selling mosquito repellent products?
A: The seller shall firstly require the manufacturer to provide the enterprise business license, product quality inspection report, pesticide registration certificate, product production license and other related qualification certificates. Only the products produced by the normal production enterprises that have obtained the above qualification certificates can be trusted to be purchased and used by consumers. Other products may have product standards that do not accord with the requirements of national regulations and product safety indexes, which may cause a hidden danger for users and bring unsafe factors to the cooperate enterprises.
Q: What products are pesticide products? And they belong to the state department of agriculture?
A: Agricultural pesticides, sanitary insecticides, mosquito repellent incense and mosquito repellent products are all pesticide products in the industry, and are directly managed by the ministry of agriculture.
Q: How to choose repellent mosquito liquid for kids?
A: Parents should consider the exposure time, exposure to mosquitoes and the risk of mosquito-borne diseases in the area when they choose to use mosquito repellent. Please note that the arms and legs can be sprayed directly. When spraying the face, avoid the eyes and mouth of the child. You can spray mosquito repellent into your own hands, and then rub the child's cheek and neck. Use as little as possible around your ears. Do not allow mosquito repellent to smear on the skin. Don't use it in your clothes. Wash your clothes after spray liquid. When you get indoors, wash your skin.
Q: Can mosquito repellent be mixed with sunscreen and other products?
A: Mosquito repellent should not be used in combination with sunscreen and other perfumes. Because their ingredients are mixed, they can reduce or even completely counteract the effect of mosquito repellent. Some products are mixed, which will not only reduce the effect of mosquito repellent; but also chemical reactions occur in hot weather, causing inflammation of the skin.
Q: Can the Sakura mosquito repellent liquid ensure to repel mosquitos for 7 hours?
A: The study found that using mosquito repellent liquid could prevent mosquito bites in 7 hours. But according to the environment, temperature, sweat degree and other natural factors, everyone’s using effect is different.
As a result, it is convenient to bring for you to add spray in time .